Mega hair growth Repair kit

Introducing our -Restore -Regrow hair regrowth treatment guaranteed to regrow dead or damaged hair in 8-12 weeks! Or money back!

Intended use:

This three-step treatment is good for alopecia revitalize dormant hair or to reverse baldness and hair fall...

kit includes... One pack of mixture of herbs.

One bottle of Brighton hair oil

One bottle of aloe vera spray with horsetail herb


step 1

add 2 tablespoons of the hair growth powder from packet 1 into a small cup. Mix with 3 tablespoons of plain yogurt or any conditioner of your choice, 1 tablespoon of Brighton Hair oil, mix well. Apply directly to bald or thinning spot, use a plastic wrap or cap while waiting leave on for 35 to 40 minutes, after 40 mins wash hair and apply leave in conditioner( do this step 3 times a week).

Step 2

Apply Brighton hair oil to affected area everyday...leave in everyday do not wash out. While messaging scalp two to three times dailey.

Step 3

Spray aloe and horsetail solution every night before bed and wear a night cap to protect hair.




green tea

horsetail tea

nettle tea

MSM powder

Saw palmetto powder

Black seed powder

Henna powder

Pygeum powder

Fenugreek seed

oils :

Coffee oil and Ayurvedic oil

Rosemary oil

Peppermint oil

Aloe juice

Mega Hair Growth Repair Kit

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    • Use daily to maintain a healthy clean scalp while experiencing extreme hair growth